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We exist to help all those who need to break the cycle of crime, substance abuse, and poverty by promoting positive lifestyle changes through multi-disciplinary programs and partnerships focused on and driven by a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

While the goal is to eventually have a residential center we are beginning with a non-residential program. We desire to reach anyone who is being held in bondage by the life-controlling problems that have a destructive impact on their lives. Our participation requirement is that the participant has a willingness to change and recognize the importance of making the decision of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. These classes are open to people of all faiths and successful completion of the UCAN program will be recognized when the core classes are completed. Respect of themselves, of others in the class, staff, and facilitators will be expected at all times.

One of the goals of UCAN is to offer particiants a faith-based alternative to groups mandated by the various treatment courts. Also, offering help to those who are not able to go to residential rehab, or ready to go, or even needing to go. Many of the inmates being ministered to through corrections ministry, prefer and need encouragement and accountability, but choose not to go into a residential program because of time already served by incarceration, and excess loss of family and work time.

UCAN will strive to involve local congregations in this Kingdom work through bringing an awareness (1 Timothy 4:7) of the issue to the various congregations and the community. Anyone interested in learning more about the various life-controlling problems and their destructive impact on our lives and relationships will be invited to attend an initial training – Living Free (approximately 7 hours). 

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